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We are a creative design practice focused on exploring sustainability and innovation in the city. Our mission in everything that we do is to inspire flourishing living through design. We like to find ways that make people think or feel more positive about the world. We like to make cities greener and healthier. A piece of public art that brings a smile to a pedestrian everyday they pass it, a family of swifts living a nest box betwixt climbing wisteria and clematis, are consequences of what we do.

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Jak Ollett / Technical Director

Robert G. Ollett MSc. / Creative Director

Hirsute, debonair and green fingered are some of the descriptive qualities that might be used to describe this character in the design practice. Other descriptives will be left to the side.... Likes: cycling and being right.

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If you have a project that might require some of the Eudaimon design practice expertise or project collaboration, have any questions about projects that we have done, or are generally inquisitive do drop us and email and we'll be in touch.

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