Aveda Vertical Gardening

Client/ Hair at 58 - 2013

The lovely people at this award winning hair Aveda salon in Clifton came by our work whilst having lunch at Be.in Bristol. Fortuitously for them, one of the directors was finishing some details on the vertical garden. We say fortuitous because 'Hair at 58' had been working on the design for their much vaunted refurb for three years of which vertical greening was a defining feature. However, with work due to start in 3-and-a-half weeks, they were yet to find the right people.

So Eudaimon rolled up their sleeves to meet the deadline for this demanding task - three bespoke vertical gardens design to fit into a Georgian doorway and very specific wall space. Add to that, that we designed, fabricated and finished the modules also.

The result though... three beautiful vertical gardens that act to showcase the fantastic venue.

Published on March 04, 2014 by Eudaimon Design.