Bathtubs of Biodiversity

Client/ Rethink Mental Illness - 2011

The Bathtubs of Biodiversity project set out to transform an unloved 'moat' used by passersby as a rubbish dump into a unusual green space. The concept behind it was very much in keeping with the ethos of the client, who bring mental illness out of the shadows and in to the light supporting, advising and connecting people. Thus we sought to rethink the moat, by turning it into a place of life and reusing unwanted items. What better planter to use in a moat than a bath? And what about reappraising the function of a toilet as a place to grow stuff from rather than send our shit down?

The planting is a mix of evergreen native and non-native planting that rewards inquisitive passersby with flowering camellias, passion flower & geraniums, frondy ferns, autumnal bursts of colour with sacred bamboo and English ivy for nutrition for insects and birds in the barren months of winter.

Published on September 28, 2012 by Eudaimon Design.

Bathtubs of Biodiversity 74-80 City Road Bristol UK