The Canteen Garden a.k.a The Kissing Garden

The Artist Gardener (Demitri Launder), creator of the space, describes the Canteen as follows:

"From the  Canteen  Garden grows  a  cohort  of  native  trees.  Local species of apple, pear, plumb and gage trained to embrace Hamilton House. The long term project ~ over the next years ~ is to espalier | pleach ~ and eventually pollard these trees into a single co-existing arborial sculpture. Perhaps beyond the grafted points, where branches embrace, this community of trees we will grow hybrid fruits, the results of these arborial kisses."

We love the greenifying of our neighbourhood. We love the greenifying of Hamilton House. So when a request came in to take over the Canteen garden, we duly obliged. Since taking over, we have planted a wider variety of evergreen plants and have espaliered all of the fruit trees in line with the initial green landscape vision.  A Wall of Raspberries mixed with wildflowers was recently planted too. Widespread mint planting in the main beds is the next stage to create a robust and nice smelling plant bed when Canteengoers put their bags or step in the plant beds.

Published on March 01, 2011 by Eudaimon Design.