Little Eden

Eudaimon Side Project - 2010 ongoing

Greener the interior of buildings is a consuming passion of the creative director, Robert. The Eudaimon studio acts as a magnifying glass for this inner drive. Our studio is consistently described as 'the best place in Hamilton House' and is in many way an plant research laboratory dedicated to advancing our skill at indoor greening projects. With over 150 plants in the studio at any one point our studio goes over and above the optimum level of plant/space balance for healthy air creation.

Detailed understanding of specific plant requirements have been developed according to light, moisture, and general care level. In a space of 20m2 we have a number of separate climates 'zones' to suit our plants ranging from the desert, to amazonian jungle. During the summer and autumn our 4th floor studio becomes a haven for bees, ladybirds and butterflies who visit us looking for pollen, nectar and other insects!

Little Eden has been through several experimental phases including a year long experiment of growing edible plants in the office betwixt the established indoor plants. These included several varieties of chilli, beans, salad leaves, coriander, basil, parsley. Ultimately the indoor edible growing project was abandoned as we found that the level of 'pests' increased exponentially (particularly greenfly). Natural predators were found (ladybirds) but became fat and lazy with the overabundance of pest!

Eudaimon hope to one day soon, create any amazing indoor plant world like ours [but better] for a client who wants to create an indoor space that is like no other and literally wows everybody who encounters a careful designed interior environment.
Visit our gallery to see the evolution of our studio space.

Published on March 25, 2010 by Eudaimon Design.