It Wasn't Always Like This...

Client/ The Canteen - 2011

Every month The Canteen commission an artist to create an original artwork for the Canteen flyer. When Robert was commissioned to do the design for the August 2011, he decided to bring the history of the building to prominence (a slightly obsessive preoccupation he has) and spent a number of hours at the Bristol Archive Centre finding images of Stokes Croft back in the day. The plan: contextualise Hamilton House through positioning the past simultaneously with the present. Before Hamilton House was Hamilton House it was the Baptist College so Robert set about finding a picture from the 19th Century of the Baptist College that he could physically situate where Hamilton House currently lives. The effect: an array of local people who were surprised in to thinking about how their local area has been shaped through time and space.

See our gallery below for a few more pictures of Stokes Croft back in the day

Published on July 31, 2011 by Eudaimon Design.