About Coexist: The 2011 Report

Client/ University of Bristol + Coexist CIC

The Coexist project at Hamilton House is an amazing example of how inspired people can get together, hatch a fantastic plan & then make it happen. In 2009 Martin Connelly, one of the owners of the then vacant shell of Hamilton House (a building of a whopping 55,000 ft2), tasked Oli Wells and Jaime Pike fill the building with creative individuals and organisations. This they did on a shoe string of a budget, in the process helping establish Stokes Croft as a centre of creative excellence with over 150 tenants ranging from puppeteers, fashion designers, community youth groups, horticulturalists, architects and much more. During this process conference rooms, event spaces, dance studios, and therapeutic rooms have also been established.

The University of Bristol were interested in engaging with this project of grassroots urban regeneration and saw the need to document the process set in motion by Coexist. So Simon Moreton and Jamie Pike set themselves the task of writing a detailed report about the Coexist project to be read by a wide and diverse audience. Eudaimon were approach to help with the final development of the document in both graphic design and editing roles.

Published on October 28, 2011 by Eudaimon Design.