BBC Radio Bristol Interview (part one)

Following our Valentine's Day interview on Ujima Radio, we received a request from Trevor Fry at BBC Radio Bristol to come and meet us with a view to interviewing Eudaimon. Trevor hosts the Religion and Gardening programme on Sunday mornings. It was deemed that 'Re-imagining 50 Stokes Croft' fell in the gardening section (which is almost surprising due to the sheer amount of near religious devotion that has been given to the corner site project!). We met Trevor at the site whereupon he informed us to forget the idea of a meeting and just get on with the interview (hurrah - one meeting less).   

Highlights of the interview included Trevor's concentration being broken by thunderous trucks, and a local drug addict exhibiting strong interest in his microphone. Needless to say, Trevor's professionalism held strong and he will be back to interview us when the project is complete 

Published on March 14, 2011 by Eudaimon Design.